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Leveraging Khoros Intelligence to Monitor COVID-19

During a time of crisis, it’s important to understand the conversation surrounding the crisis itself, how customers are talking about the crisis in relation to your brand, and the conversation surrounding your competitors.

Social listening through Khoros Intelligence is a quick, easy way to keep a pulse on these conversations in real-time. Below are a few tips to get you started: 

Review relevant brand and competitor conversations

First, look into the general conversation using this Khoros Intelligence link to launch a search within the platform, or use the following sample query:  (coronavirus or #coronavirus or “corona virus” or “COVID-19" OR "covid19" OR "covid 19” OR #covid19 OR rona).

Then, dig a little deeper to understand how social audiences are talking about the crisis in conjunction with your brand. To do so, you can use the “search within” functionality, or substitute your brand name into the search query below:

  •  (@yourbrand OR #yourbrand OR “your brand name”) AND (coronavirus or #coronavirus or “corona virus” or “COVID-19" OR “covid19” OR “covid 19" OR #covid19 OR rona)

To learn more about the wider landscape, you can use Intelligence to keep an eye on mentions of Coronavirus and your competitors or related brands by using their brand name instead of your own in the search above.


Leaderboards also allow you to stay on the current edge of trending topics, whether within your industry, among your competitors, or even in the world at large. Learn more about setting up a Leaderboard to get a real-time trending analysis of your vertical or media sources.

Stay up to date through automated Intelligence topic reports:

With the conversation moving quickly, and a full calendar of remote meetings, we understand that you may not be able to dig into Intelligence each day. By setting up a few automation rules to have Intelligence inform you on events proactively, you can let the platform do the work for you!

When you hit the Save button for your topic, the screenshot below pops up. Select Save as Rolling Search so the data is regularly refreshed and then click on Configure Notifications.





From there, it will take you to the screenshot below, where you can click on Digests

Within Digests, you can turn on 6 hour, 12 hour, and daily email digests for the topic.




You can also set up alerts on specific content.  For this select Content Notifications. This will allow you to set parameters around content activity that sends you alerts. 

NOTE: Selecting ASAP will alert you by email any time your topic is tweeted about. This is most often used on very specific topics that need a high level of visibility.




Have questions? Please let us know in the comments below!

If you’d like further assistance our Product Coaching and Strategic Services teams are here to help. Sign up for our Introduction to Intelligence (Covid-19) Session  with a Product Coach or reach out to your CAE to discuss Strategic Services support.


-@AnastaciaD & @AdamP 


Anastacia Darby
Associate Director, Product Marketing
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Khoros Staff

As the conversation evolves, so should the query you're monitoring. Consider building out your Khoros Intelligence search further with the following terms:

#coronavirusoutbreak OR #pandemic OR "flatten the curve" OR #FlattenTheCurve OR #coronacrisis OR #covid OR #coronaviruspandemic OR pandemic OR #covid2019 OR #covid19 OR #Coronavirus OR coronavirus OR covid19 OR "chinese virus" OR #Chinesevirus OR "china virus" OR #Chinavirus OR "wuhan virus" OR wuhanvirus OR #Wuhanvirus OR #Coronaviruslockdown OR #Coronavirusoutbreak OR #socialdistancing or #coronavirusUSA or #ventilators or #coronavillains OR #StayHome OR #stayhomesavelives

Let me know if you have any questions!

Anastacia Darby
Associate Director, Product Marketing