Question : Is it possible to create Facebook Casousel contents with single post?

I'm trying to create Facebook carousel post with single card. 

(*such like attachments)

But, it seems like creating carousel post through Khoros requires to have minimum 2 cards at the bottom.

So, I tried to create post with link preview as well, but it show me alert of failed to create preview image.

Is anyone know how I can solve this issue?

What are some ways to create a post like attached image? or create carousel post with single card in Khoros?


Thank you 🙂

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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi there!

As you have noticed, Facebook carousels only support posts with two or more slides.  You can find more information about Facebook Carousels here.

You may also publish posts using the image from the link by utilizing the link preview. In this case, Facebook wants to see the right properties in the metadata for this link. Do check this article as it explains what information Facebook link scrapper is looking for in order to generate a preview in the platform. This way the post "image" will be clickable on Facebook.

Alternatively, you may also simply schedule a regular image post by adding an image into the Publishing Window and copying your link into the text box. This way you will have an image post with the link above the image and the post image will be viewable as an image on Facebook, but users will still be able to click the link in the post text to see it.