Reporting Dashboard- Multi-Label Reporting

Is it possible to load a Care dashboard to look at one label MINUS another label? For example, we are looking to look at volume and response time for all COVID-19 related comments MINUS comments that came in from employees of our company. I know I can see a breakdown if I look at the Incoming Volume by Label widget and exclude the label I don't want included, but this does not help me break it out by response time. Any ideas?

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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hello! For anyone following this thread, I held a Product Coaching session today with @alexsiegel. We found that based on her reporting needs and their current care team leveraging Topic Queues, we landed on taking the following steps:


  1. Created a new exclusive Topic Queue specifically for COVID-19 - Employee comments & messages.
  2. No rules will be created for this Topic Queue as they will be focused on manually reviewing messages at this time.
  3. Agents will now assign any COVID-19 comments & messages from employees into this new Topic Queue.
  4. @alexsiegel will use Care Dashboard filters to include all relevant Topic Queues + their COVID-19 label. She will ensure to not include the newly created COVID-19 Employee Topic Queue.

If anyone has any questions or would like to learn more, please feel free to schedule a Handling Increased Inbound Volume Product Coaching session for the Social Marketing Inbox.