Reporting Dashboards Missing Content

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

In looking into our reporting dashboards and filtering by campaign labels, we're finding that a huge quantity of posts are missing.

At first we believed this may have been a user error with someone forgetting to properly label and tag posts, until we found that they all properly appear when filtered by those same campaign labels in our content calendar, within the same date-range, and the posts did maintain the automated campaign link tracking in GA.

Our company generally struggles to get value from Khoros Analytics given that the metrics never align to the native platform exports, and certain baseline metrics such as Video Views and Post Impressions are not accessible to us, so we have to reply on native excel export anyway, but we typically can at least use the Khoros reports to validate that maintaining only posts with messaging that align to the posts within our campaign label. It's always a very manual and tedious process, but now, even that minor baseline reporting functionality isn't working.


Would appreciate understanding if this is anything anyone else has had to deal with.


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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

@eischill I wonder if there are widget filter or display settings causing this to occur. Also, it can take up to 24 hours for labels retro-actively applied in the calendar to appear in the dashboard. I recommend signing up for a marketing analytics or Q&A session on this list so a Coach could look into this further. 

Hi Emma,

The missing content is from December and was labeled prior to posted, so it's definitely not an issue of the widget needing time for retro-actively applied labels.

We're seeing this same issue across multiple campaigns, but this one, being our largest, impacted us the most heavily. 

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

@eischill If think it's best to sign up for one of the sessions I mentioned above so a Coach can review your filters and determine if there is an issue. 

Hi Emma, 

Sure, I can sign up, but I can validate that I have already checked filters multiple times, and there are the only applied filter is the campaign filter. You can also see this in the screenshot I included with this posting.