Response Approvals in Marketing

I've seen some discussions about being able to set approvals for people wanting to respond to social comments in the Care feature, but what about in Marketing? If I have a new person that I want to be able to submit social (and go through our approval team), but I don't want them to have access to adding comments/responses on incoming comments, is there a way to set it up so anything they try to post has to also go through approvals?

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Khoros Staff

Hi Kelsey,

If I understand correctly: 

You want new users to submit new posts for review before publishing as well as restrict them from accessing inbox.

In short, you can set up rules for both, post creation and inbox responses, as well in conjunction with custom roles and workspaces you can set up tailored work environments for your company users. 

I would like to recommend having a look at our Approvals documentation for approval rules and how to create them, as well as custom roles and workspaces if you like to restrict access for your company users.