Roles and Permissions - Khoros Marketing

Hello!  Where can I find documentation regarding roles and permissions for Khoros Marketing ?

I need to provide our IT team with documentation regarding roles and permissions - to confirm the access groups in our internal systems match what is in Khoros.

I can find that under Administration > User Management > Roles, but this page requires user to log in to Khoros. Is there documentation available for users without a Khoros log in please?



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Hello @Fernanda_ms,

Please refer to these articles: Roles and Guide to User Management and Permissions.

Please confirm me if these are the ones you were looking for. 


Also, I am afraid we don’t have an article that can be accessed without logging in. As you have access, you can simply copy and paste the required info to your IT team. 

Hi @MohammedSh thanks for sharing the content! This is what I was looking for. 


@Fernanda_ms, you are welcome! If the above response answers your questions, please feel free to mark it as an accepted solution.