Using LinkedIn Geotargeting

Do any of my fellow Khoros users use the geotargeting feature on LinkedIn? I work for a global B2B company and our teams are active on our LinkedIn page. Due to product availability differing in different countries, we add country level targeting to each post. However, since we are all connected to other colleagues across the globe, the targeting doesn't continue to work once our people engage on the posts. Does anyone else run into this and is there a way to solve for this? My guess is there's no way to work around this, but curious for other people's feedback.

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Khoros Staff

Okay, I asked a few people in different teams and while unverified, my (and my colleagues') understanding is this: the targeting does continue to work, but the content is now shared organically among the commenter's network because of the activity they took on the content, which could result in international interaction. 

Think of it as targeted to followers of your page but not targeted for organic activities against the post. 

It's hard for me to test this as organic targeting requires 300 followers and all my dummy accounts have less than that. Please reach out, if you need a soundboard or want to discuss further.