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How easy does this intergrat with Wordpress

Was wondering how easy your Lithium forums software integrates with Wordpress? Do you have any example sites that are running both? I am looking to add a different type of forums to our website than the ones that come with Wordpress like BBpress and am impressed with this forum software so any help on merging the 2 would be helpful thanks.

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Khoros Guru
Khoros Guru

Re: How easy does this intergrat with Wordpress

Hi @doobie,

I am not aware of any Lithium customer that attempted to integrated Wordpress and Lithium community on the same domain. We do not offer any out of the box Wordpress integration.

In general if your Wordpress installation is using a SSO provider with a common API (SAML or OAuth2) you could share logins between Wordpress and Lithium, but that's about it. If you share some more details about your scenario this community can provide more specific information that applies to you.


Some general comments:

  • Lithium Online community product has a built in blog feature as well: - Most of our customers that used to use Wordpress migrated over to the Lithium blog
  • Lithium is a software as a service company and we are only offering hosted solutions, e.g. you cannot install Lithium Online Communities on your own server (no "on premise" hosting)

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