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Lithium Ion UPS - Anybody have experience?

We need to replace one of our older APC rack-mount UPSes (nothing fancy, just a 3KVA), a simple battery replacement isn't enough anymore it seems. As we're looking into alternatives (others have recommended Eaton), I also wondered whether Li-ion based UPS systems - exist. Turns out they do, Eaton apparently has some, APC possibly and then there is this N1C technologies company that I have never heard of.

So the big question - does anyone here have Li-ion UPS systems in use, and if so, what experience do you have with it? Any brand you recommend?

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Re: Lithium Ion UPS - Anybody have experience?

You might be in the wrong place to ask that question. This community is for customers of Lithium Technologies to discuss their community (like this one) and Social Media SaaS products.

It has nothing to do with batteries, lithium or otherwise.

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