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"New" Search


Really keen on promoted search so I've been playing with search 3.2 on our stage instance. Just a couple of points:

  1. Is it possible to disable 'Places' - we've got some boards we're hiding from lists and menus, but they pop up loud and proud in search suggestions.
  2. Edit: Have now figured out this point 🙂 Is there a way to display more suggestions? There were 10 in 3.0, but only 2 below 'Places' in the new version. 

Apologies if these are obvious questions, I'm pretty green with Admin having spent most of my time in Studio up until now.


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Khoros Staff ChetnaS
Khoros Staff

Re: "New" Search

thanks for the feedback @Kev_B 

Let me take a look at this and analyse. We will follow up with an enhancement as need be.

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