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Grow a saturated community

Grow a saturated community

Hi all.

Our communities are quite mature after 6+years and we offer our community in 6 languages today.

Over the years we have implemented many programs to keep our communities running healthy. We have a superuser program (our fantasic HP Experts) , review metrics regularly, analyze the user experience and have a team of fantastic agents to ensure no customer gets left behind.


Taking our German forum as an example, it's such a smooth running community. The only challenge we're facing in the last year(s) is growth.Metrics have been quite stable, volume doesn't rise as much as before.


How do we take our communities to the next level, it feels today, it's so mature and saturated.


It's been on my mind a lot lately, ad quite challenging especially considering the fact that our community is support focused and many customers come with a problem, get a response/solution and never come back again. It's not very "sexy", nor is there a specific common ground that users have when they come visit us, besides their product issue. We have links to our forum everywhere but most customers will find us through a search engine. How do we grow from here. I so welcome all the ideas!





Lithium Alumni (Retired) Lithium Alumni (Retired)
Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Great suggestion. @Wendy_S.  

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Retired Community Manager
Status changed to: Approved Session

Thanks for submitting this idea, @Wendy_S! We're going to combine this idea and Cannibalization of a Community into one session around Community Growth.