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Managing Community Managers & Moderators

Managing Community Managers & Moderators

Here is an idea I'm happy to lead if there is enough interest.


Last year, I changed jobs from being a Platform Manager to managing a team of Community Managers. I would like to meet with other managers of Community Managers to better understand management practices (specific to managing Community Managers) that have helped them, challenges they face, how they coach experienced Community Managers, career guidance & resources they use for Community Managers, what are their job/performance expectations from their teams and how they evaluate these, how they measure and reward team success etc.


The above is also valid for Community moderators. 

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This topic might interest you too :-)

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I wholeheartedly second this.

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 Yay, thanks @KaitlinSaxton and @Wendy_S Smiley Happy

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Thanks for submitting this idea, @Akshay! We're looking forward to having this as a topic for the Unconference.

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Hey guy


I just came across this discussion and was wondering if there were some interesting inputs worth sharing? :-) 


My organization asked me to deliver some metrics on how to evaluate moderators. They want to know whether Moderators are doing their job well or not.


Would be great to know more.


Thx heaps