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New features for LSW

New features for LSW

I won't be there (unfortunately) but I think it would be great to have a discussion around new feature ideas for brands that use LSW. 


In particular, I'd be interested in brainstorming how we can bring gamification into LSW to drive productivity and efficiencies. Examples include: badges for team members that meet certain targets (service level, volume, sentiment, customer kudos) which get called out on the team dashboard. OR: award badges to team members that are experts in certain areas (maybe tie into the expert feature). 


These are just some ideas to get the group started. Smiley Very Happy Keep me updated whether this made it to a group discussion and what the outcome was. 

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Retired Community Manager JennC
Retired Community Manager
Status changed to: Maybe Next Year

Thanks for submitting this idea, @kriscrossWhile this won't be a stand-alone topic this year, we would still love for those who are interested to join us at the Unconference and bring your ideas to the table at our other sessions.