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cannibalization of a community

cannibalization of a community



I'd like to talk about a healthy community member balance and the fine line between when and what to control in a community and when to leave it untouched.

For example, our communities have a high answer rate since the time we implemented a safety net using our own support agents to answer unanswered threads on the community. Before, not every question got a response and to ensure no user got left behind, this safety net was implemented. It's interesting to see how dynamics have changed in our community balance, and how, for some of our communities, our agents are starting to answer more topics than our superusers. Sometimes I wonder if the negative side effect of this safety net is a cannibalization of the community and how you could turn this around again. (for example, pull back and step back)


Wonder if anyone out there has any experience with situation whereby programs have somehow changed the balance in the community (Yoda, I feel a disturbance in THE force!) and how they dealt with such a situation



Occasional Advisor
Occasional Advisor

Interesting to learn more about this. Are there any ingredients that would make a community less boring and more engaging that I should think off when setting up a new community, in order to keep superusers busy?

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Retired Community Manager
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Thanks for submitting this idea, @Wendy_S! We're going to combine this idea and Growing a Saturated Community into one session around Community Growth.