Best Community Anecdote: TVG - Where Horse Racing Meets Online Dating

Best Community Anecdote: TVG - Where Horse Racing Meets Online Dating

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Category: Best Community Anecdote/Story


Community: TVG

Launch Date: July 7, 2009

Submitted by: TVG Community Manager zoerem



A few cliques developed early on in the TVG Community and as the months progressed the defined friendships between many members became obvious.


But there were two particular community members who seemed to be getting quite close. After much speculation from various members, rumors started circulating. Two very prominent members were at the center of the gossip and before long, the truth came out: Novice and Augustwest were in love. They declared their passionate love for each other in a post entitled “Love Story: Novice and Augustwest.”

It all started with a private message on the TVG Community. One led to thousands, and PMs led to emails. After a month or so, they were planning to meet up in person and take a vacation together. When they met face to face they realized that the strength of their love wasn’t limited to virtual reality.


They were truly in love.

The announcement to the community of their successful relationship did nothing to settle the gossip. It just caused the subject matter to vary slightly. Amusing posts were started with titles such as “If Augustwest and Novice were stallion and mare... what would their foal be named?”


And surprising gratitude was given under posts entitled “Why did you join the TVG Community.” The next round of posts about the two members were speculations on when we’d hear wedding bells and see Novice and AugustWest live on TVG saying “I do.”


While marriage isn’t on the forefront of the minds of the happy couple, they have moved in together and thank the TVG Community for allowing them to find the love of their lives.


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