Best Community ROI Usecase: Best Buy

Best Community ROI Usecase: Best Buy

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Category: Best Community ROI Usecase


Community: Best Buy

Submitted by: Best Buy Community Manager: Gina


Conversations are happening every moment on the internet about the Best Buy brand and the products we sell. About two years ago we decided to join the conversation and engage customers both on our own Community as well as the blogosphere.


Best Buy provides a bilingual Community "Best Buy Unboxed" that integrates a forum, Twitter, blogs and videos to connect customers with other product users as well as our Blueshirt and Geek Squad Agents to create solutions together. Technology products continue to increase in complexity producing the epiphenomenon of techno-stress. 


bb1.pngAt Best Buy we realize that we cannot provide all the answers; what can provide is a platform to aggregate information and facilitate connections.


Whether it is customer to customer or customer to employee, we recognize that knowledge is often contained in pieces. By facilitating connections our customers are able to have both pre- and post-purchase support.


A recent analysis of the ROI of community determined that factoring in call deflection and sales influence, the Best Buy Community provides about a $5 million dollar benefit to the organization.

In 2009, the Best Buy Community assisted over 2.5 million customers who posted over 79,000 messages and read over 81 million messages.


While there is a dedicated team of Community Connectors who regularly engage with customers on the Best Buy Community, about 95% of the conversations on the community are peer-to-peer support.

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