Best New Community: Jigsaw’s The Corner, Lithium’s First BtoB Business Information Community

Best New Community: Jigsaw’s The Corner, Lithium’s First BtoB Business Information Community

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Category: Best New Community


Community: Jigsaw

Launch Date: September 29, 2009

Submitted by: Jigsaw Community Marketing Manager Communitygal


As a leading provider of business information and data services that is uniquely crowd sourced by a global community of over 1 million business to business (BtoB) contacts, Jigsaw needed a community platform that provided members with better tools to interact with each other. In September 2009, Jigsaw launched the Lithium community platform and in the spirit of community sourcing--a premise on which the company is founded--allowed its members to nominate and select its own name. "The Corner" is both a reference to the corner piece of a jigsaw puzzle and a double entendre for where people go to hang out and talk.


The Corner deserves to win the Best New Community category because it is Lithium's first BtoB business information community and has been enthusiastically embraced by both Jigsaw members and management.


Jigsaw's community members visit The Corner to not just discuss Jigsaw usage and find answers to their questions but also to discuss BtoB topics such as innovative sales strategies, trade prospecting information on companies, and much more. Additionally, The Corner has been an instrumental part of Jigsaw's feedback and customer support systems. Since inception of the Lithium platform, Jigsaw has already implemented 13 product ideas that were submitted by members in the Member Idea Exchange board.


jigsaw_idea_exchange.PNGThe Corner has been steadily growing in popularity. Page views for the community increased by 355% after launching the Lithium platform compared to the previous message board; unique visitors have also increased by 612%.


Jigsaw also noticed that its members were eager to help each other get the most out of the site. So much so that they've recently started moving its support assets to The Corner as they feel  this would be the right first point of contact for getting help. If other members can't resolve an issue, it goes onto the support team. This shift parallels Jigsaw's philosophy toward community sourcing solutions.

The Corner has become a vital and dynamic part of the Jigsaw community and as such, Jigsaw is investing in making it better. The next month will see a new and improved homepage for The Corner that will have a more organized look with tabs and snapshots. New employee blogs are also slated to go up soon, and the next initiative is to create a top sales books board where members submit and vote for their favorite sales books.