Lithys 2011: Best Community Story or Anecdote: HP Consumer

Lithys 2011: Best Community Story or Anecdote: HP Consumer

Company: HP hp.png

Categories: Best Community Story or Anecdote

Entered by: Dani Weinstein (Dani)

Community Name: HP Support Community



hpuser2.pngGet to know Erico...


Retired from the US Coast Guard, Erico is a US expatriate living in the Netherlands. During his Coast Guard career, Erico participated in many rescue missions around the world...

A hardware genius, Erico personally owns 6 personal computers and 2 monitors.  As a sideline, he operates a small PC repair shop.  He notes that it’s a way of keeping his skills sharp and staying in touch...

Erico and the HP Forums...Erico is “addicted” to the forums.  Spending many hours conversing with HP users around the world, he loves helping others, and...

HP loves having Erico as an true fan and valued enthusiast.


As a treat, the HP team got to meet Erico and say thank you personally - from L-R: HP EMEA Leads Sabrina Grollier and Wendy Schippers, Erico and Global HP Lead, Dani Weinstein.




Eric is top notch!


Wow, that's very nice to see this here! It was a very nice dinner with Erico and so good to see the face behind the name!

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Peet's Coffee in the Netherlands? I guess I should start contributing to the community as well just to get a bag shipped to Mexico!




Brought Erico some Peets from CA, as a small thank you, along with the coffee mug and baseball cap.




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Very nice @Dani!