Lithys 2011: Best Community Story or Anecdote: RIM

Lithys 2011: Best Community Story or Anecdote: RIM

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Categories: Best Community Story or Anecdote

Entered by: Kerri Birtch (kerrib), Social Support Planning Team

Community Name: Blackberry Support Community Forums 


What is a Super User? On the BlackBerry Support Community Forums they’re more than just active community members: They are truly the super glue that holds our community together.


Many of our Super Users spend more than 20 hours a week participating on our Forums and their individual post counts range from 1,000 to more than 30,000 posts! They’re always glad to answer questions, investigate issues and occasionally discuss the best way to prepare a cheeseburger. When asked why they keep coming back to the BSCF, the most common response is: “Because I love to help people and I love my BlackBerry”.


We recently celebrated our 3rd Birthday and to show our love for the community, we launched a rockin’ new redesign as well as a brand new Spanish instance.


In honour of our Birthday, Super User 'Bifocals' offered these kind words which we feel demonstrate the bond of all our Super Users:


rim4.png“Through this forum I have met people from every spot on the globe. They have given me the priceless opportunity to learn about customs and cultures I could never have otherwise experienced. I am honored to have formed close friendships and share personal experiences with people I have would have never have had the pleasure of meeting outside of this forum. I joined this forum to learn about my Blackberry Curve. In retrospect of all I have gained here the technical knowledge I was looking for is actually a bonus. Happy Birthday BSCF!”


We can’t imagine what our Forums would be like without the glue that holds us together. So, to encourage these great community contributions, we as Administrators of the BSCF make every effort to maintain a great relationship with our Super Users.


Whether it’s our weekly Happy Friday posts, our quarterly Conference Calls or a chance to meet in person with our special invitation to attend BlackBerry World 2011 (formerly Wireless Enterprise Symposium), we make sure that we’re truly connecting with them on every level. They have our email, our phone number and our BBM PIN’s – and can get access to us just about any time of day.


This relationship allows us the chance to get feedback directly from the heart of the community, and to be honest, we also have a lot of fun along the way! By allowing them direct access and encouraging a feeling of camaraderie, there is a great feeling of mutual respect and understanding.


Without the super glue that is our Super Users, we would not be the vibrant support community we are today.

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