Lithys 2011: Best New Community: BSkyB

Lithys 2011: Best New Community: BSkyB

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Categories: Best New Community (Launched after June 1, 2010)

Entered by: Stephen Marshall (stephenmarshall)

Community Name: Sky Help Forum


Launched: 25 October, 2010


Sky Support Forum launched on 25th October 2010 with the aim of creating an engaging and active community for Sky customers to connect and support each other with Sky products and services.


A team of dedicated Sky Experts is also at disposal when queries are a little too complex to be resolved by peers. Even with very limited promotional activities, the community has been growing steadily and we have exceeded 16,000 registered members in less than 6 months.


We have 5 established superusers who have consistently been helping members with their questions and technical issues, and supported by the team of Sky Experts.




The forum is also linked to Sky’s online Help Centre to support our customers journey online and there are a range of video tutorials on a variety of useful guides such as how to programme your remote control or set up your wireless router.


Examples where we have used pictures to guide the customer through their journey:






The forum has been positively received by our users and every day there is a constant flow of activity on the forum and we are averaging 67,000 page views per day, over 1,500 posts per week and as mentioned above, we have over 16,000 registered users since launch.


A recent post by a forum user below:

“I think we should congratulate sky on setting up a forum, where on the whole they are likley to get a lot of flack. I for one was very dubious that we would get answers, especially those actually admitting some things are wrong. We did get answers and it appears we have got a fix. Result.”


Other results include:


  • Over 2,000 Accepted Solutions to date
  • Averaging 700 new registrations per week
  • CHI (Community Health Index) Score of 638