Lithys 2011: Best New Community: Best Buy Canada

Lithys 2011: Best New Community: Best Buy Canada

Company: Best Buy Canadabestbuycanada.png

Category: Best new Community
Entered by: Heather Magee (hmagee)


Launched: 16 Sept 2011



Entry: Best Buy Canada’s Plug-in community features lifestyle-centric content, while continuing to produce relevant and up-to-date material that speaks to the traditional tech enthusiast. We promote content that connects people with technology that makes life fun and easy, and helps alleviate techno stress as new technology trends emerge. 

Technology eZine - comparable to an online magazine model, our community landing page plays host to all of Best Buy Canada’s social media streams, while leveraging Lithium’s Rest APIs to dynamically pull the most recent content from the community. Member Engagement – by featuring our most celebrated community members in our Member of the Week widget, members are recognized for their contributions and participation in the community and thanked publically by the Community Manager on a forum thread each week. 

Our objective is to nurture our Super Users and frequent contributors to encourage the organic growth of our user generated content. Targeted Integration – we’ve developed and are in the midst of implementing targeted integration strategies to leverage community content on our eCommerce website using Lithium’s Rest APIs and other tools and features. 

We’ve also integrated the mobile version of Plug-in with the Best Buy Canada iPhone app and leveraged Lithium’s Facebook Connect and Facebook Q&A applications to mobilize our Facebook fan base and integrate this group of brand advocates with our community members.