Lithys 2011: Best New Community: Sephora

Lithys 2011: Best New Community: Sephora

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- Best New Community (Launched after June 1, 2010)

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Entered by: Candace Sims (candace_sephora)

Community Name: Sephora BeautyTalk 


Launched: September 29, 2010


Sephora's community has used the best of what the Lithium platform has to offer by integrating both the Q&A and Discussion products into one community, and making it virtually seamless for the user to navigate.


We are always trying to work with Lithium to come up with new and innovate ideas to engage our user, and have had much success cultivating a community where beauty lovers can ask questions, share insights, get advice and offer each other support.


And example of this is a recent post started by one of our members thanking the other member of the community for helping her through a tough time. After she posted this, many other members followed suit and shared stories of their own, telling each other how much the community has helped them:




We also have implemented many cool features into our community to gain user insight including:


  • Brand Founders Top 10 Favorite Products: A founder or makeup artist from one of our brands is highlighted each month, listing their favorite products. This area is one of the most highly clicked areas of BeautyTalk, and also drives sales for the company. 
  • Sephora Asks: A new question is posed to our users every month, such as "What miracle beauty product would you invent?" and "What technology would you like to see in our stores?" This drives interaction with our clients and also gives us valuable insight into what our clients would like to see from us. 
  • Top 10 Favorite Products on the Profile Page: Allows users to tell others in the community (and us) a little more about themselves through their favorite beauty products, and also inspires other users with what other people in the community love. 
  • Featured Contributor / Best Advice / Best Comment: Highlights members of the community on our homepage. This week our Featured Contributor is the first user to reach the top rank of "Beauty Master" and over 1,200 hearts in the short few months she's been a member!




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