Lithys 2011: Best New Community: SlimGenics

Lithys 2011: Best New Community: SlimGenics

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Entered by: Jennifer Fenske (pisgah)

Community Name: SlimGenics Online Community


Launched: July 17, 2010


“You Can Do This!”: The SlimGenics and Lithium Experience


We are a small company compared to many of your clients. We are in two locations—Colorado and Minnesota—and expanding to California this year. Our weight loss program revolves around 30 brick-and-mortar centers where our clients receive high-quality weight loss counseling.Our clients are passionate about returning to good health and we have the privilege of helping them get there.


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Launching our online community with Lithium last year has been a huge boon for our business and for our customers. As Community Manager, I have had a front-row seat watching community develop where previously there was none. Before our Lithium community, our clients would nod at each other as they waited to see their weight loss counselors.


After the community launched, a true “we’re in this together” camaraderie developed inside our private online community. A common refrain that users tell each other is: “You can do this!”



  • I was able to see our community members grieve with Matt (who lost 150 pounds) when he was unable to have surgery to remove excess skin. 
  • The community helped one young woman who had suffered a miscarriage and was embarrassed to say she had understandably fallen off her eating program. 
  • We cheered with Danielle when she got within a few pounds of her goal---she’ll hit that goal this week. 


For our business, offering the online community is one more way we show value to our clients.


For our new Home Program weight loss option (which is solely online), the community is the only place where members can receive support. The community registration rate for Home Program members hovers around 50 percent---our members crave community. And we provide it, 24-7, with our Lithium community.


In early 2011, we launched a video blog in the community. Twitter and Facebook streams add to the community’s appeal.


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In addition, our SlimWise Center offers helpful downloads, cooking videos and recipes. We have a regular counselor blog and post coupons in the community that drive traffic to our centers. A major community redesign will launch later this month. I’ve watched our community grow from a few posts per day to often almost 50.


For a company our size, these are amazing results. Our super users are passionate and committed to help others. We’re a supportive community, and I am proud to offer it to our clients.


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