Lithys 2011: Best New Community: The Home Depot

Lithys 2011: Best New Community: The Home Depot

Company: The Home Depothomedepot1.png


- Most Innovative Social Customer Program


- Best New Community



Entered by: Tia Robinson (tdrtia)

Community Name: The Home Depot How-To Community


Launched: October 11, 2010


We should win either the - Most Innovative Social Customer Program and/or Best New Community award because: We launched the premier destination for DIY and home improvement discussions on the internet.


No matter how big or small - people can come to our Community to ask questions, share their expertise and to learn something new.


Members of the Home Depot How-To Community earn rank and status among their peers by participating in the site on a regular basis and offering their expertise to other users. Visitors to will find discussions organized in categories including Paint, Tools and Hardware, Garden and Yard and Do-it-Yourself and Repair. Visitors will also find some different types of members in our Community: Store Associates


We’ve trained a team of store associates who spend a dedicated amount of time each week helping customers in this community. These “designated associates” help answer product and project questions and share their knowledge and experience with the entire community. These associates might not always be the first ones to answer, for two important reasons.


First, we want to give other members of the community the chance to show their stuff. We know there are a lot of really experienced DIYers out there, and we want to hear great ideas and tips from them as well. Also, our designated associates will often take some time to research the most thorough answer possible so members can get all the info they need to get their projects done right. Regardless, members can generally expect our designated associates to chime in when appropriate within a 24-hour period of an initial post, if not sooner. Vendors & Partners Many of the companies who make the products are represented on our Community. You'll also find our many partners and other members of our Home Depot family here, ready to discuss all things DIY.


Members of the How-To Community can also:

• Meet other DIY enthusiasts

• Ask questions

• Share tips

• Post comments

• Take polls

• Share and browse pictures

• Watch and share videos

• Provide feedback to other users


The How-To Community also features a Meet Our Experts section that spotlights the community’s store associates and What’s New in Our Aisles section highlights new product innovations from The Home Depot.



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