Lithys 2011: Most Innovative Social Customer Program: HP

Lithys 2011: Most Innovative Social Customer Program: HP

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Community Name: HP Support Community



Expert Day Key Feature: Ask questions, get answers LIVE from HP enthusiasts and experts


On the forums, we strive to nurture a highly engaged and robust support community by reaching out and talking with customers and cultivating and rewarding high-powered community members. The HP Ambassadors are dedicated HP employees who converse with customers and share their expertise to solve issues, find information, and help customers get the most out of their HP products and services.


As of December 2010, over 100 HP Ambassadors were actively participating on the forums with impressive resolution success and a healthy contribution to the community’s overall health and effectiveness.


The results were notable:


  • 5% of the total number of posts were written by Ambassadors 
  • and they authored 10% of Accepted Solutions, 
  • while receiving 7% of Kudos. 


In addition to the HP Ambassadors, Forums SuperContributors are enthusiastic customers who voluntarily share and help fellow peers on the forums. SuperContributors are growing in numbers while making a significant global impact through tremendous participation and engagement.


In December 2010, there were over 50 SuperContributors worldwide. They created a whopping 52% of Accepted Solutions, and received 54% of Kudos.


hpcons5.pngBringing further excitement and value to the community are the Expert Day events on the HP Forums, which are held periodically throughout the year.


In January 2011, the Global Social Media team hosted a global Expert Day that spanned across all printing and computing topics for customers.


Most recently on March 23rd a highly successful Expert Day was held in German.  


Fondly termed the “Super Bowl” of expert assistance, these events give customers 24 hours of free access to a wealth of technical experts in 4 languages:


  • English, 
  • German
  • Simplified Chinese, 
  • and Korean. 


hpcons4.pngThe broad appeal to our customers was apparent with over 100,000 customers attending the event online, and over 230 HP experts sharing their knowledge and experience with customers that day.


  • In the English Forums, there was a 707% increase in solved threads, a 555% increase in posts, and a 307% increase in new members.
  • In the Chinese Forums we saw a 975% jump in new customers who chose the Forum as a trusted channel for troubleshooting. These new members came to post with an overwhelming 1406% increase in posts and a 100% increase in solved threads. 
  • The Korean Forum also exhibited impressive success. Though it is uncommon for Korean customers to readily extend “thank yous” in online communities, their Expert Day wrapped up with a 200% increase in kudos and a 200% increase in solved threads attributed to the enormous 2075% increase in posts! 



Needless to say, customers were thrilled to connect with the best and brightest minds HP has to offer, and LIVE! HP Expert Day has been an incredibly powerful way to effectively increase problem resolution via the web and, most importantly delight customers real-time!




Gotta love HP Expert Day!

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