Lithys 2011: Most Innovative Social Customer Program: Verizon Residential

Lithys 2011: Most Innovative Social Customer Program: Verizon Residential

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verizon2.pngAs digital entertainment and connected applications continue to generate excitement for consumers, more and more of them are looking for answers about today’s enabling technologies.  


In response, we’ve added enhancements to the Verizon Community that include a new area called Verizon Room to Learn (  


Room to Learn is an educational site that offers relevant tips, shortcuts, and online workshops on hot topics such as apps and gadgets. It also links users to social media sites where they can share their practical application and experience with their social circle.  

Tech Made Simple

Verizon Room to Learn focuses on popular home networking and home entertainment topics that include introductions to digital entertainment, wireless networking, making sense of 3D TV, and organizing digital media. Note that these are not workshops on how to use Verizon products and services; rather, they are designed to help people participate more fully in a digital lifestyle. The topics are all around the core of what Verizon offers with our products and services, and customers and non-customers alike can find value in learning more about how to make their technology work for them – instead of the other way around.

Industry Experts Contribute
Room to Learn also features weekly posts written by industry expert Alfred Poor, who has contributed for over 20 years to technology publications that include PC World, PC Magazine, Family PC and Computer Shopper.  His posts complement the Room to Learn workshops and articles, and they provide fresh perspectives on timely topics. In addition to these weekly posts, Alfred regularly participates in discussions about these topics with our members directly in the forums.



Verizon Room to Learn has been successfully integrated into the Verizon Community. According to the latest Room to Learn metrics, visits and unique visitors are up over 100 percent from last October, registrations are up nearly 50 percent, and the email opt-in rate is up almost 40 percent. Product click-throughs are also up nearly 100 percent from last year, indicating that customers like what they are seeing – and want to find out more about how Verizon can help them live their digital lifestyle.