Lithys 2012: A1 Telekom Austria - Best New Community

Lithys 2012: A1 Telekom Austria - Best New Community

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Company: A1 Telekom Austria

Entry Submitted by: Claudia Religa Customer Interaction Manager (A1_Claudia)

Community: A1 Telekom (

Community Launch Date: 16 November 2011

Lithy Categories: Best New Community, Best Social Customer Experience Program, Best Business ROI, Best Community Technical Implementation

The A1 Telekom Support Community - A vital community for our customers



The vision for our new state of the art support community was to build a vital community for customers, available 24/7 all over the world. We see the community as a steadily growing platform, which we develop in cooperation with our users in constant game workshops. In only 40 days the community was ready to go live after a beta test with 450 postings in just three days and 16 community members providing testimonials. 



We are building the community around the needs of its members – to motivate our users to help and support the community we started an incentive program:


  • Users are given the opportunity to customize their profiles with special signatures. We added icons that show the status of the community member – our most active users have earned VIP ranking. Ongoing improvements and changes are communicated transparently to the community users on our community events board.



A team of employees service the community. The moderators provide support when needed and brand-new information and updates on certain topics.


We take the customer feedback seriously and use it to steadily develop our services, products and solutions.Together with our super fans we developed a brand new design for our community homepage which will be implemented shortly.


We also launched the idea module - the target of the project is to develop a new concept for simplified use of the “Mein A1” page in cooperation with the support community users.


The benefits for our customers are:


  • the opportunity to take part in an innovation process
  • possible realization of user ideas
  • to exchange thoughts and ideas with other users
  • incentives for participating

How we benefit:


  • communication with users
  • interaction with the support community
  • identification of consumer needs
  • opportunity to integrate consumers into the realization process


The project itself and the output from the workshops around “Mein A1” are continually promoted on facebook and in the community.


The new A1 support community is directly linked to our A1 blog. It was created as a platform for both community members and product managers to release product news, features and tips and tricks regarding our portfolio.


The A1 blog is a category, where we can cover a lot of successful stories for interacting with customers, e.g. our popular smartphone test reports written by our community members.











Crossover Solutions for Customer Service Communication and Crowdsourcing

To guarantee the best social brand experience we are linking different channels with each other. – the Lithium newsfeed on our portal

  • The FAQs and the company's support community are integrated via tabs onto our facebook fan page – which means: one database manages all user postings. Facebook users have access to the support community in real time to knowledge without a login. 
  • The fictional figure “Robert Hauser” takes care of customer support on the facebook wall – behind the figure are employees from our service team, who answer user questions on any kind of topic. With 160,179 fans after starting our facebook fanpage two years ago we are ranked second in the German-speaking TELCO provider area.



  • By implementing our own facebook CMS, we were able to design our very own application and multimedia info sites for lotteries, promotions, company news, etc.
  • On YouTube, we are the only provider in Austria with a branded channel. We provide short movies about our products and solutions. We also provide inhouse produced A1 video guides. The video guide with the most views ranks around 252,508 views. For sharing YouTube videos we offer our community members a share button.



Output from our A1 blog is posted on facebook. 


Our Technical Implementation

Deep Integration into Portal SSO

The A1 community has been tightly linked to the portal SSO. While it does not require you to log in as long as you’re only browsing, logging in is a requirement for all actions like posting or replying.


To enable this integration we developed a mechanism where the Lithium server would “talk” to our SSO servers “behind the curtain” to retrieve the login data of the current user. Thanks to Lithium's ability to support different channels (web, facebook, mobile) this approach works for all of these.


Deep Integration with User Data

As the community integrates with our SSO this demands that user data is maintained by the authentication systems. Thus, user data (e-mail and nickname) cannot be edited within the Lithium community but need to be managed by the A1 portal.


For this a similar mechanism to the above mentioned SSO handshake has been developed, where Lithium redirects the user to the appropriate application, and the “behind the curtains” handshake reflects any changes immediately back to the community. Again this approach works transparently for all of the available channels.


Deep Integration into look & feel

The marketing requirements demand that the community should look & feel as part of the portal, the fact that it is cloud-based should not disturb the user’s perception of a common portal experience.


The HTML framework that makes up the portal look & feel had to be the foundation of the web-based channel of the community presentation. Together with Lithium we were able to link the existing framework with the flexible HTML construct that’s provided by Lithium, successfully offering our users a continuous experience. In our service box we can also embed YouTube videos from our branded channel.


Integration of Social Media Buttons

Of course sharing of content is very important for a vital community. Therefore we implemented Social Media sharing buttons such as facebook Like, Google+, Twitter in user postings.




Our Business ROI

Since our launch on the 16th of November, 2011 the community KPIs increased steadily. Our continous online survey proofs that we are constantly saving customer support cases (email, call, letters).


Compared to our competitors A1 has the biggest and most active community in Austria.




We created a short video to highlight our A1 Social Media success story since spring last year.



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