Lithys 2012: Best Buy - Best Global Implementation

Lithys 2012: Best Buy - Best Global Implementation

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Company: Best Buy 

Entry Submitted by: Gina Debogovich (gina) Community Manager

Community: Best Buy US, Best Buy Canada, Future Shop

Lithy Categories: Best Global Implementation

Best Buy is a multi-national retailer with operations across the United States, Canada, Europe, China and Mexico and customers around the world.


In addition to the Best Buy brand, the family of brands includes Best Buy Mobile, The Carphone Warehouse, CowBoom, Future Shop, Geek Squad, Magnolia, MindShift, Pacific Sales.


All these brands leverage social media as a means to connect with current and future customers to raise awareness of their brand, to gain insights and to support customers. From specific brand Forum boards and helpful blogs to engaging on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yelp and Pinterest, social media connects with millions of customers.


To help support our global customers, Best Buy USA, Best Buy Canada and Future Shop all use the Lithium Technologies platform. Every year we help millions of customers and facilitate thousands of conversations in multiple languages (English and Spanish for Best Buy USA, and English and French for Best Buy Canada and Future Shop).


As e-commerce continues to increase, more customers will interact with brands online. We also align our blog content strategy with our other social support channels, promotional activity and product releases. For the past year, the global brands have been connecting on a monthly basis to help share out best practices for social and community management.


Our global brands help bring the knowledge from our employees, customers and superusers together on our social platforms.

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