Lithys 2012: Dice - Best New Community

Lithys 2012: Dice - Best New Community

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Company: Dice


Entry Submitted by: Terry Starr (tstarr) Community Manager

Community: Tech Talk (

Lithy Categories: Best New Community

Community Launched: 18 January 2012


I think our Lithium Success team could speak volumes on why we should win. However, to keep it simple, after attending LiNC 2011 and seeing what was possible, Dice had a vision of where they wanted to be by 2012.



Dice's team had a vision for its tech forum.


Through perseverance, a lot of hard work and dedication, we were able to pull off an incredible transformation: 


  • We completely redesigned and developed a new structure, including the introduction of Talent Communities which has been integrated across all of
  • We changed the name to: Dice tech talk.
  • We added a number of new features such as Video, Contests, and Q&A (including Facebook) to name a few, to allow our tech audience to engage more deeply. 
  • The structure was built around the suggested idea that "people interact by topic area, not by style of engagement."  We took this advice from Lithium to heart when trying to integrate Q&A style into a discussion board forum. 
  • We will continue to roll out new programs throughout 2012 and beyond.

 A pictures worth a thousands words - and we're hoping that Lithium will review our 2011 community vs where we are today - need we say more?




A huge thanks goes out to all those who took on this monumental, but incredibly rewarding effort, particularly my wing-women, Clair Whitmer, Rachel Haskell-Weeks and my wing-men, Steve Butterbaugh, Mark Feffer, James Henry, Adam Fudala - and of course, Jon Wishart and the Lithium team!


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