Lithys 2012: Future Shop Tech Yeah - Best Community Technical Implementation

Lithys 2012: Future Shop Tech Yeah - Best Community Technical Implementation

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Entry Submitted by: Laura Buchanan (LauraB) Social Community Specialist

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Lithy Categories: Best Community Technical Implementation


Future Shop, Canada’s number one retail website is owned by Best Buy Ltd and operates over 149 of stores. The Tech Yeah Community has existed for nearly 5 years and has served as a space where customers, Product Experts and vendor partners could connect about the latest in technology.


Future Shop‘s Product Experts have always played a significant role in shaping the direction of the Community, many of them have been active in the community since the day we launched.


When the Future Shop Retail Learning team approached eComm to help find a solution to make training accessible to all Product Experts regardless of their location, leveraging the Community seemed like a natural progression.


The portal was intended as a one stop shop for associates to learn anytime, anywhere (Canada-wide).


What was built was a Community within a Community that serves as a hub for all of our store associates. Building wasn't as simple as throwing up some boards, some significant technical hurdles were overcome to be able to host Flash and create an experience that was meaningful for our associates.


In this private community space, our PEs are able to:


  • read up on the latest products
  • connect with other associates in their categories from across the country 
  • and even more importantly, it gives them a direct line into the Retail Learning team where they’ve been able to share their ideas and connect with the Retail Learning Specialists supporting them at head office. 

Registering for the Tech Yeah Community is now part of the on-boarding process for every new associate and where they come to learn and share ideas. It's also an easy transition into the public-facing community where we've seen associates jumping in to share their knowledge with our customers.


In addition to the Continuous Learning, they also have access to updated Product Knowledge, Sales Culture and Retail Process training. The site is also regularly updated with Peer to Peer Learning in the form of Videos, Tribal Knowledge Base articles, and forum discussions which allows our associates to access their training material while they’re on the go or at home.



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