Lithys 2012: HP Consumer Support - Best Global Implementation

Lithys 2012: HP Consumer Support - Best Global Implementation

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HP Expert Day Events come of age around the world


HP customers worldwide got their toughest questions answered by HP Experts.  Hosted on all seven HP Consumer Support language forums, Expert Days showcased HP’s commitment to our customers by engaging in real time, one-on-one, personalized conversations, sharing, and help on a global scale.




Anytime, anywhere...

14 Expert Day events were held in 2011 and early 2012 with hundreds of volunteers, known as HP Experts.  HP Experts located around the world are a valuable resource for community members, an indispensable part of the HP team, and their participation has helped build and grow HP’s community. 


Gathering online for 24 hours to answer any and all questions that community members posted to the forum boards, HP Experts physically and virtually came together in various Expert Villages headquartered at HP sites around the world to confer and answer to questions as a team. 


Combined with the power of the Lithium Technologies platform, HP customers could talk with experts at their convenience and in their preferred language (English, Spanish, S Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, and Korean).  So, whether you’re an English speaker in Thailand or a French speaker in the US, HP customers have the ability to access the Expert Day of their choice and get the answers they want via a personal, human, and high-quality support experience.



The numbers tell the story

One key measure of the HP’s Global Expert Day program’s success is in the numbers – here are a few we’re especially proud of:


  • On the English language forum, Expert Day participation grew by more than 50,000 customers between the April 2011 and January 2012 events.  In January, customers from 219 countries had their questions answered during Expert Day.
  • The September 2011 Portuguese Expert Day had 15,000 participants.  Additionally, the number of digital “thank yous” (given in the form of “kudos” on the forum) increased by more than 4000% compared to a normal day’s average.
  • The January 2012 Chinese Consumer Support Expert Day saw a 1526% increase in number of postings over the daily average, while the January 2012 Korean Consumer Support Expert Day saw a 671% hike when compared to daily average.


HP began its Expert Day programs for some key reasons:

  1. To connect with customers real-time to share and help when they need it
  2. To listen and learn from our customers as they share their HP successes and challenges
  3. To introduce first-time users to the HP community by meeting and talking live with other HP fans, friends, and experts and getting the most out of their HP products and services .  

Progress toward that goal has been overwhelming worldwide:


  • September’s English-language Expert Day saw a 195% jump in new registrations compared to an average day.
  • September’s German and French Expert Day resulted in more than 325% increase in each language forum’s new registrations vs. an average day.
  • July’s Chinese-language Expert Day resulted in more than 600% more new registrations compared to an average day.


Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal for HP Expert Days, and based on responses from customers around the globe, the HP Support Forum community is exceeding everyone’s expectations:  



  • “Wow, I get responses from 2 experts so quickly, it’s almost an instant chat” – German Forums Customer, September Expert Day
  • “I am getting to know much more knowledge. Thanks for experts solution, I know more skills on computer”- Chinese Forums Customer, July Expert Day
  • “Wow!!!  It's working.  I can't begin to thank you enough!!! Not enough Kudos permitted to express my appreciation to you for hanging in there until you got the solution to my situation.” – English Forums Customer, September Expert Day
  • “Fantastic…I can now go to bed (it is 10.43 p.m. here) in the knowledge that I can try that first thing tomorrow morning. Thanks once again for your considerable help - you have been very instructive and insightful and your guidance has been most appreciated.” – English Forums Customer,  January Expert Day


global6.pngThanks to our fantastic HP Experts, Expert Day events are alive and well.  Come join the conversation. We’ll see you in the forums!



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