Lithys 2012: Best New Community | Best Business ROI | Best Community Technical Integration

Lithys 2012: Best New Community | Best Business ROI | Best Community Technical Integration

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Entry Submitted by: Matthew Savage (msavage)

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Lithy Categories: Best New Community, Best Business ROI, Best Community Technical Integration

Community Launched: 26 Sept 2011


community_home-a.pngTagged's Community, launched in late September 2011, is one of our proudest achievements of the year.


We wanted to provide our users with a venue to ask questions, crowdsource solutions, suggest ideas, report bugs and read updates about important changes to the site.


With the power of Lithium's platform and expertise, our small team of 2-3 people implemented a customized solution that supported all of those goals and integrated with a number of other systems and products.


We've organized our Community into five main areas to allow users to communicate with us and each other:


  1. Forums- for user support and discussion
  2. FAQs- to answer popular user questions
  3. Ideas- to listen to user suggestions and potential improvements
  4. Bugs- for users to report site issues and view resolution statuses
  5. News- to broadcast information about important events and changes to our site


Integration into other systems was another key goal of this project and we've successfully leveraged Lithium to authenticate and interact with our login process, global navigation bar, games, contact form and ticketing system.


Users are logged into Lithium via SSO- all they need to do is pick a nickname and they're ready to post! They can also use our overall site nav. bar from any Lithium URL.


We've created landing pages for each of our main game titles so that players can easily access the corresponding forums, ideas, FAQs and bugs for their favorite Tagged games.


Perhaps our crowning achievement is the integration with Parature, our ticketing system. We've maintained consistent UI across on our contact form, so users have the option to jump from the Community to contact us directly. In addition, community posts that require personal support can be escalated directly to a queue in our ticketing system in 2 simple clicks! This allows our agents to respond publicly to posts or take the discussion to a private email when necessary.


This solution has vastly increased our ability to provide excellent customer support, as solutions can be provided by our agents or other members of the Community with ease.



Five month in, the stats have been amazing. In the first three weeks of February, we've averaged almost 95,000 page views/day and nearly 285,000 post views/day.


Just last week, we set our Q&A app as our default Facebook page tab and saw search metrics soar exponentially as those users also harnessed the power of our expanding body of content! Most importantly, we're glad to report that our users view over 2,000 marked solutions each day!


This sustained growth each month has been great to see and we're quite excited about future plans to engage and utilize the full arsenal of our Community as we progress.


We're incredibly proud of what we've created and hope to continue building an amazing destination for our users, developers and support agents to interact!