Lithys 2012: giffgaff - Best Social Customer Experience

Lithys 2012: giffgaff - Best Social Customer Experience

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Entry Submitted by: Vincent Boon Head of Community (Vincent)

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Lithy Categories: Best Social Customer Experience, Best Community ROI

'giffgaff’ is an old Scottish term referring to the process of mutual giving – the perfect name for a company whose passionate and knowledgeable members are not only the front line of customer support but also a driving force in the running of the company itself. In fact, our tag line is ‘The mobile network run by you’.


giffgaff3.pngWe don’t do large call centres and we don’t do big budget advertising. Instead, we rely on our growing user-generated pool of knowledge that is our community, where people get help fast and where customer debate and discussions helps us shape and grow the business. And using this community-based model saves costs and ensures giffgaff is outperforming month-after-month across a wide variety of metrics, from traffic to active members.


Our customers are so helpful we do not need a traditional customer service centre, but use our community support forums instead. Saving us the cost and overheads of traditional CS.


Although giffgaff saves a lot of costs by not having a traditional customer service model, the quality of service is still a high priority, which is reflected in a recent customer satisfaction survey, where our members rated our customer service 9/10 and our Net Promoter score was 73% (in context, according to the NPS website, Google rates as 73% and Apple as 74%).


giffgaff's Community Health Index is 877, which puts giffgaff as a leader when compared to all communities globally serviced by Lithium.


We are seeing these types of results through a combination of programmes we run here with the community, which ensures that any question asked on the community is answered within 90 seconds on average.


But not only does our community help by answering peoples specific questions, we can see 8% of all page views going directly to an accepted solution, guaranteeing a great many call deflections.


With our highly-engaged community, we create a huge volume of content, which gets picked up in search engines, driving more and more traffic to our site. So much so, that we can see 30% of all organic traffic going straight into our community and finding answers to questions they didn’t even know they had!


Of course, just like any other business we look at the retention rates in our business and are able to see the following amazing results over a running twelve month period:


  • People who’ve received payback are 52% more likely to stay with the network 
  • People who’ve activated a friend are 35% more likely to stay with the network 
  • People who’ve posted on the forum are 31% more likely to stay with the network 
  • People with more than 5 page views are 41% more likely to stay with the network 

giffgaff2.pngThrough our community we use a 'member get member' program, which enables people to bring new customers to our business and we are extremely successful with this, ensuring our existing members bring in much more than 25% of our total new customers.


There are as many people who participate in ‘member get member’ activity on our forums as there are not. However, those people who are involved on our forums are twice as likely to bring on a friend. Our members are helping us out with marketing, sales, development, creating anything from marketing materials, to handing out our product to developing mobile applications for us.


In terms of developing the business we use a dedicated Ideas Board, with over 6,000 ideas and more than 50,000 comments and on average an implementation of 1 idea every 3 days.


giffgaff's mutual model paves the way for a new generation of social brands, which provide real consumer value through embracing the passions and skills of their membership communities, whilst growing an army of loyal advocates in the process.


I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as we enjoy all the various great things we do with our community.


Without them, giffgaff would be nowhere.


It's great to see the amount of member support shown for giffgaff's nomination


Of course being a very active part of their community this doesn't come as a surprise to me, given the varied mix of people who contribute to it.


In this thread alone we have both poetic and musical praise as well as statements of what makes the community such a different place to visit and participate in.


Many members are already sporting a new signature banner designed by myself to show their support for this nomination and to encourage others to join in,





giffgaff really is a great mobile network, offering fantastic value for money, especially for smartphone users wanting to get the most out of their phones, families and friends can all save a bundle by joining and making use of the free same network calls for 3 months whenever they top up as well as numerous other benefits.


The forum offers excellent advice and solutions not only on phone related questions, but almost whatever you need, competitions to enter, social events to attend, top tips & money saving bargains, help and advice, as well as general gossip, all well managed by the moderators and educators, it really is a great place to spend a little free time and debate an idea. I personally joined two years ago and haven't looked back since, and doubt I ever will.


A big thumbs up giffgaff.