Lithys 2013: Barclaycard - Best Social Marketing Program

Lithys 2013: Barclaycard - Best Social Marketing Program

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Entry submitted by: Jen Hitchens (JenH) Social Media Manager

Community: Barclaycard Ring (

Lithy category: Best Social Marketing Program



Barclaycard Ring MasterCard© is a very simple credit card product with a low interest rate, simple terms and no annual or balance transfer fees. But what sets Barclaycard Ring apart is its use of online communities in an innovative way to talk with card members about the product and how it should evolve. The Barclaycard Ring team also developed the industry’s first profit sharing program with card members, called Giveback™. This aligns the interests of both bank and card member like never before and opens the door for both to advance the cause of charities. And to help crystalize the trust, the team posts the financial statistics for the program on the website and discuss the results each month.


Barclaycard Ring possesses true integration in its overall marketing strategy by creating cohesive, branded messaging across all internal and external platforms. The primary focus of communications is centered on the engagement of the Barclaycard Ring community and is supported by a content creation strategy designed to build relationships with the card members. Barclaycard Ring provides multi-channel access for to this unique content through its Facebook page, Twitter channel, Google + page, YouTube channel as well as email marketing messages. The ‘public-facing’ site, also enables visitors (without logging in to the secure account servicing site) to consume and share out blog content via Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  


Social Media Integration



Social Sharing and Referral



Social Sharing via External Site



Social Media Marketing



Integration with Email Marketing

‘The weekly’ email provides a summary to community members of the latest activity within the community. This high level recap has yielded a consistent CTR and provides a lift in site visitation and engagement. ‘The Weekly’ email features blog content, trending discussion thread, “Quote of the Week” featuring a specific community member, their avatar and rank, a recent comment, recent statistics, current survey or voting option as well as the Top 4 contributing community members and links to all of the Barclaycard Ring social media platforms.


Through our social media marketing initiatives, Barclaycard Ring has been able to improve our card member experience, provide a new platform for servicing our customers, and has built new advocacy programs and increase brand loyalty. Our objectives focus on:

  • Improving customer experience by leveraging the community for digital servicing
  • Increase loyalty and usage of the card
  • Create content and build relationships to positively impact the financial literacy of the community



Improving Top Line Revenue & Loyalty

Barclaycard Ring has only been live for 10 months and generated over $500K in revenue.  The future looks even brighter for Barclaycard Ring, as the customers engaged in our community close far less often and are remaining loyal to Barclaycard at record levels.




Industry Recognition for Improved Customer Experience


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