Lithys 2013: CommSec - Best New Community

Lithys 2013: CommSec - Best New Community

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Entry submitted by: Ben Shute (benshute) Social Media Manager

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Lithy category: Best New Community, Best Community Technical Implementation, Best Community Design



The CommSec Community is a unique proposition within the Australian online broking space. CommSec, as Australia’s largest online broker, has created a place for customers to connect with each other and discuss the share market, trading strategies, charting and other aspects of online trading. Regardless of how long they have been trading, or what their trading style is, this is a place where all customers can feel comfortable and learn from each other.


We launched in early February with a migrated client base from our previous chat room functionality. Over the last 6 weeks, they have populated with content - insights into sectors and stocks, charts on the price of gold, silver, oil and currencies, and offered up many ideas for enhancements to make the community a better place for all.




From a design and technical perspective, we have a number of custom enhancements to the platform which we believe are firsts in their field:

  1. We have the latest market indices and traded stocks constantly updating within the Community.




































2. We have integrated ASX stock codes within the posting functionality, which allows us to:

  • Generate sector and company specific views of the community
  • Pull in and display the latest price information as it relates to the particular stock


  • Display any company announcements that are made
  • Members can buy and sell stocks directly from within the Community, add a stock to their watch list, or get a more detailed quote

3.  We have also included a sentiment indicator as part of the post creation page, where members discussing a stock can tell us if they think it’s a buy, hold, sell, reduce or accumulate. This allows us to:

  • Measure market, sector and stock sentiment
  • Compare that sentiment to the most traded stock data from the ASX


While we are in our infancy, we are looking at a number of future enhancements that will take the aggregated data we are capturing and use it to foster the vision of our customers learning from each other.

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