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Lithys 2013: Google - Best Superfan Story or Insight

Lithys 2013: Google - Best Superfan Story or Insight

Company: Google logo.png

Entry submitted by: Agata Kryzsztofik (Agata) Community Program Manager

Community: AdWords Community (

Lithy category: Best Superfan Story or Insight



Our superfan story shows how like-minded and passionate Community members can take the lead and create high-quality, engaging content around their favorite product without any involvement of the Community Manager. All you need to do is to bring them together!













After the Google AdWords Communities Summit (October 2013), when we brought all of our global Community superfans to California, our Spanish Top Contributors initiated a project aimed at creating AdWords performance user generated content. Project included:


1. YouTube channel with content around online advertising






























2. Integration with Community

  • Top Contributors proactively promoting videos from the YouTube channel in the AdWords Community creating new performance content, engaging other users in discussions and providing advice on how to be successful with AdWords.











































Lithium Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: 2013 Lithy Submission

True Community with a capital "C"

Lithium Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: 2013 Lithy Winner