Lithys 2013: Joe Mobile - Best New Community

Lithys 2013: Joe Mobile - Best New Community

Company: Joe Mobilelogo-joe-mobile.png

Entry submitted by: Laurent Partouche (lpartouche) Community Manager

Community: Joe Community (

Lithy category: Best New Community



How long does it take to build a new community?


Some weeks at least, a few months probably. Joe's community was born in a day. We remember it very clearly - it was last Oct 23 at 1PM.


Joe is a new kind of Mobile operator. Real-time, full control over your budget, Joe allows you to finally take control of your phone plan.


We launched that day of October after a month-long teaser period consisting of a single video on our website with very few information inside. At 10pm, we broadcasted a live Google Hangout from our offices that was watched live by 12,000 people and opened the service early in the afternoon.




It took only minutes for the first curious person to register for an account and order a SIM. The first questions started to pour into the forum and while the team took on the role to try and answer them we soon found this effort was futile. Indeed, in less than one hour, a few good men had already visited every corner of our website, read every information that they could land their hands on and started posting and answering questions way faster than we were able to.


By 4 PM we just sat there and read, amazed by what was happening.


Three months later the community is going strong. With 50,000 posts over 3,900 topics it is very active. Each new subject gets 14 answers on average but what we pride ourselves with is that 49% of questions are tagged as Solved. This helps a lot the new users to quickly find the answer to their questions.


There is still a lot of work to do for the community to keep growing. We need to build engagement and give everyone a good reason to come back every day. 



Joe is a pure community-based model. Each and every Joe customer is a community member thanks to a one-step subscription process that allows us to have a single ID for both the community and our self-care.


We also provide an invitation system inspired by Dropbox where a member can invite his friends and relatives to join the community and earn a few euros for each new member that actually activate a SIM.


This allows for funny initiatives such as the member map : a google mashup where members can pin their location on the map and insert their invitation link.

























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