Lithys 2013: Spotify - Best Superfan Story or Insight

Lithys 2013: Spotify - Best Superfan Story or Insight

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Entry submitted by: Rocio Guerrero (rociogc86) Community Manager

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Lithy category: Best Superfan Story or Insight



In just one year the Spotify Community has accumulated 15-20 super users, and all of them super cool and amazing folks. However just 6 months ago..a 20 year old boy from England started shining like a star in our Spotify Community! We are all amazed by his work, passion, enthusiasm, talent, kindness...he just has it all! We are very happy to introduce you to "Hammeh"....if you want to know more about this little fella and his more than 6,000 posts in 6 months!!! We've dedicated this song to Hammeh. Take a listen!


View the infographic here: Best Fan Story Ever!



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Real cool way to present engagement stats in community, especially in light of the tracking and reporting capabilities that the community can provide.


Shame there's no cry smiley 😞


(Got my kudos though)


I didn't realise hammeh was that active!


Also, just wondering - who were you comparing it to?


(Whose the 'super user - 1 year'?)