Lithys 2013: TU Me - Best New Community

Lithys 2013: TU Me - Best New Community

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Entry submitted by: Aurelien Poma (Elixor) Head of Community

Community: TU Me Community (

Lithy category: Best New Community



Hello everyone, I would like to nominate the TU Me community for the Best New Community Lithys. TU Me is a free app, all-in-one global communicator for iOS and Android.


TU Me community 01.jpgI’ll try to keep this short. Smiley Happy


The aim of our newly opened community is customer support using the model giffgaff has brilliantly put in place: we empower community members and reward them for their help and contributions.


On top of providing amazing customer support the TU Me community has become a massive group of friends from all over the world.



To give you an idea, the map below is a snapshot of where users are registering from on the TU Me community.


TU Me community 02.jpg


In addition to the friendly, multicultural and multilingual atmosphere of the community, our members have suggested amazing features and improvements for the app.


Seven of their ideas have been developed and implemented in the app.


And another seven ideas have been accepted and will make it into the app. Having community members directly impact the development roadmap and influence the priorities for improvements made our work challenging and even more exciting.


TU Me community 02.jpg

We also received impressive new design suggestions for the app, new avatars for the Lithium forum and banners for our Facebook fan page.


Finally I thought I would share a nice story that happened a few weeks ago. To thank one of our community members from Bolivia for his positive contributions we decided to send him a goody bag as a present. This is what we got as a reply when we asked for his postal address:


I've just seen your message about the present, like I said I live in Bolivia, and over here we don't have a mailbox, the apartment where I live in doesn't have a mailbox, I think that the only place that has one is Cochabamba. To be honest, just being part of this community is super cool, and a very good present is to have had the pleasure of meeting you all.


Thank you for reading this nomination, I’ll just finish with one image which is our TU Me user of the week wall, so everyone in the office knows how great our community members are. (I wish we had a bigger wall though :D)


TU Me community 04.jpg


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