Lithys 2013: YouSendIt - Best Community Technical Implementation

Lithys 2013: YouSendIt - Best Community Technical Implementation

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Entry submitted by: Ashish Seth (ashcool) Cloudsquads CEO and Founder

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Lithy category: Best Community Technical Implementation



At YouSendIt, we really wanted a strong customer experience.  And given our many types of customers, customization was definitely necessary.  We customized the community in three unique ways:


1) Our Contact Us form.  We have multiple ways the customer can contact us (email, live chat, call, search knowledge base, open discussion thread).  This is all based on permissions (free, paid, enterprise).  It was important to serve up the right options based on the type of customer asking for support.  We needed to make the page smart to manage these permissions - which required customization. 



                          Customized contact us forms based on customer type


2)  Integrated search and chat integration.  We believe we’ve provided a revolutionary and elegant support contact form.  When a user clicks contact support they are presented with a page tailored for them depending upon what kind of customer they are (consumer, enterprise, other), and as they type into the subject line we instantly serve up answers based on articles in our knowledgebase and community.   We recently switched to Zendesk as our ticketing system and rolled out chat-based support. As part of the rollout - we incorporated chat features directly into the contact form.  The integration built by cloudsquads seamlessly transfers the user name and email Id along with the post content and creates a chat session.  From the customers’ perspective, once they’ve completed the form, they can opt to email or live chat without reentering information.  From our agents’ perspective, they’re able to get the customer information along with the context of the issue right from the Lithium form, and directly into our backend chat tool.























3) Site Status Page. Our customers rely on us to share large amounts of information quickly, securely, and reliably, thus service availability is critical to their business.  We tied our service availability status indicator to the community experience - thus enabling real-time status push to our millions of subscribers. 


Our Site Status Page is housed on Lithium as a custom blog.  There are several key features that CloudSquads customized to make this very unique.  The main page shows the most current “blog entry” which is our latest status, and a user can look at the history of blog posts to see our site status history.  Additionally, we’ve provided a subscription widget so that users can subscribe and be notified whenever new site information is posted.  Finally, we then have multiple other locations in our community, such as the “quick help” section on the main support page, that check the most current blog post and dynamically display the appropriate site status depending on a tag.  These features allow us to very quickly update multiple locations on our site during maintenance or an event, and simultaneously notify our customers which helps us proactively avoid deluge of support queries.





















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