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Lithys 2014: Barclaycard- Lithium Platform Innovator

Lithys 2014: Barclaycard- Lithium Platform Innovator

Company: Barclaycard US Barclaycard logo.png

Entry submitted by: Jared Young (jaredyoung) Social Media Manager

Community: Barclaycard Travel (

Lithy category: Lithium Platform Innovator


Barclaycard US is the 9th largest credit card issuer in the US. We believe that social media provides the opportunity to change the dialogue between banks and customers and we are committed to building deep loyalty with our customers.


Lithium’s community platform is the driving force behind out latest innovation, Barclaycard Travel, where a portion of Barclaycard customers are invited to join a community, share their travel experience and earn more miles for their next trip. We are living the values of changing the dialogue and earning customer loyalty. is a one of a kind travel community where Barclaycard cardmembers and non-cardmembers can share travel experiences and earn miles that can be redeemed for travel rewards or e-certificates. Here are 6 ways that highlight how has innovated on the Lithium platform:


  1.     Uses Lithium gamification capabilities and backend activity data to grant Barclaycard Arrival Participation Miles to community members
  2.     Tracks and manages a unique system that manages separate community experiences  for cardmembers and non-cardmembers.  This allows for granting different point values for the two community member types.
  3.     Uses Lithium blog as a travel storytelling container for members, revolutionizing the way people share and remember their travel experiences
  4.     Integrates with Google Maps™ and includes the capability to geotag blogs so they are  searchable on Google Map interface
  5.     Allows Search travel stories with filtered data leveraging profile data and Google Maps to enhance the experience
  6.     Beautiful design overlay on search and storytelling board to leverage gorgeous community travel photos. 


Barclaycard Travel – #1 & 2 Gamification & Miles = Loyalty


Profile page displays badges, miles earned, key profile information and the travel stories members have sharedMiles notification speaks to cardmembers and non-cardmembers – and the miles they have. Both sets of miles have distinct, real cash value. 


Barclaycard slide3.png


Barclaycard Travel – #3 Blog as Travel Storyteller


Barclaycard slide4.png


Barclaycard Travel  - #3 Blog as  Travel Storyteller 



…and once opened, the full story can be explored.


Barclaycard slide5.png


Barclaycard Travel  - #4 Google Maps Provide Stories with Visual Context



All of the details the storyteller has provided are mapped using Google Maps data.


Barclaycard slide6.png


Barclaycard Travel  - #5 Filtered search to find stories


This module allows members to search for stories that will be tailored for them based on their profile.


Barclaycard slide7.png


Barclaycard Travel  - #5 Map Search


Members can expand the map and search for the last 250 stories.


Barclaycard slide8.png


Barclaycard Travel – #6 Design



Lithium provides a beautiful home for these travel stories and stunning photos from the community – throughout the site Lithium modules are simply and elegantly displayed enticing members to interact with the stories.


Barclaycard slide9.png


Our business results


In just 5 months since the marketing launch, Barclaycard Travel has added close to 50,000 registered users, had nearly 1M page views and granted 8.5M credit card miles to customers. We are very pleased with these early results and all due to the innovation we’ve been able to achieve leveraging Lithium’s platform.






Lithium Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: 2014 Lithy Submission
Lithium Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: 2014 Lithy Winner