Lithys 2014: Barclaycard US - Best Community Design

Lithys 2014: Barclaycard US - Best Community Design

Company: Barclaycard US Barclaycard logo.png

Entry submitted by: Jennifer Hitchens (jenhCommunity Manager/Social Media Manager

Community: Barclaycard Travel Community (

Lithy category: Best Community Design


Why Should Win The Lithy Award for Best Community Design


The Barclaycard Travel Community is a one-of-a-kind design with an emphasis on travel photos that creates an aesthetically beautiful website. Community Members are encouraged to explore the site for travel inspiration and share their travel experiences to earn miles that can be redeemed for travel rewards or e-certificates.


A few key areas that differentiate the Barclaycard Travel Community design:


  • Real time home page updates display Community Members posted Travel Stories. Community Members enjoy an immediate gratification of seeing their Travel Story and photos directly on the Home Page.
  • Rotating photo slide area of home page highlights the visual nature of the design and enables the Community Manager to highlight Blog and User Generated Travel Story content.
  • Design includes an easy-to-post Travel Story process that includes a drag and drop options for uploading multiple photos seamlessly.
  • Customized Blog Content area highlights the visual assets of each blog post as well as the Expert Travel blogger profiles.
  • Enhanced Discussion area includes a real time Twitter feed.
  • Revolutionary capability for both Barclaycard Arrival™ cardmembers and non-cardmembers the ability to earn miles for sharing their travel stories redeemable for travel rewards or Amazon e-certificates.

Between the beautiful elegance of the design and the differentiating elements above, we believe Barclaycard Travel Community provides a step-change vision for the way digital communities will be designed in the future.


Barclaycard Travel – Home Page


Home Page features a rotating image area with emphasis on visually engaging photo content


Barclaycard Best graphic1.png


Cascading Travel Story tiles feature Community Member generated travel stories that emphasize the visual allure of exploring travel adventures.


Barclaycard Best graphic2.png


Barclaycard Travel – Home Page


Home Page also contains an interactive map that encourages visitors to explore Travel Stories via location.


Barclaycard Best slide4.png


Barclaycard Travel  - Home Page & Search



Barclaycard Best slide5.png


Barclaycard Travel  - Easy Travel Storytelling


Barclaycard Best slide6.png


Barclaycard Travel  - Designed Blog Content



Blog format provides a highly stylized design that focuses on photos and expert travel blogger bios for easy consumption.


Barclaycard Best slide7.png


Each blog contains photos, kudos and comment capability as well as the ability to share out easily to social networks.


Barclaycard Best slide7b.png


Barclaycard Travel  - Customized Discussion



Barclaycard Best slide8.png



Barclaycard Travel  - Unique User Profile


Barclaycard Best slide9.png


Barclaycard Travel  - Email Designs


Community members also receive Daily Alert emails when they have earned miles in the community. This follow-up email communication has increased engagement.


Barclaycard Best slide10a.png


A monthly Travel Community Newsletter helps to drive increased registrations and provides an update on trending topics and blogs within the community. User generated content is also prominently featured.


Barclaycard Best slide 10b.png




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Love what u guys are doing, great design!