Lithys 2014: CommSec - The Organization Game Changer

Lithys 2014: CommSec - The Organization Game Changer

Company: CommSec CommSec logo2.png

Entry submitted by: Ben Shute (BenshuteManager, Social Business & Emerging Channels

Community: CommSec Community (

Lithy category: Organization Game Changer 


CommSec is Australia’s leading online trading platform and a subsidiary of Australia’s largest bank, the Commonwealth Bank. We introduced CommSec Community in May 2013.


CommSec Community’s goal is simple - to be the largest active investor community in Australia. As a business, we recognized the potential to create a vibrant community where investors and traders can discuss trading strategies and ideas, and a place where those new to trading could learn from each other and feel free to ask questions about entering the market. 


In launching a Community with Lithium, we have become the first major broker affiliated Community in Australia, giving us a key point of differentiation for our customers.


Recognizing the breadth of assets we have to draw on, we have built the Community experience around the ability to connect and learn from other traders, our expert analysts and our customer support teams.


CommSec screenshot.png


We have realigned our business in a number of key areas to make it a success:

-       The existing social team has been expanded to encompass Community management

-       We’ve created specific environment for daily analyst commentary and encourage debate around this content

-       In seeking to increase the ability for customers to make information easy to find and self serve, we have taken our FAQ library and expanded this into TKB content, adding a new level of depth and opportunity to cross promote where applicable in the forums.

-       We have established a specific area for our new traders to tap into the collective knowledge of our other customers and support teams, with a dedicated team created to manage our customer support through this, and other social channels.


For us as a business, it helps create a better educated investor and at the same time facilitate greater customer experience and self service.


In the first 12 months, the CommSec Community now has over 10,000 registered users having made nearly 50,000 posts, and another 8,000 active guests who return each week to read the content.


Our new to trading board remains the 4th most popular board within the Community, and has ~ 50% response rate on questions asked being answered by other Community members.

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