Lithys 2014: Cortal Consors - Most Creative Promotion or Launch

Lithys 2014: Cortal Consors - Most Creative Promotion or Launch

Company: Cortol Consors Cortal Consors logo.png

Entry submitted by: Clemens Eckstein (CCornerstone) Senior Expert eBusiness

Community: Die Wissenscommunity von Cortal Consors (

Lithy category: Most Creative Promotion or Launch


Cortal Consors is a leading direct bank for investment: from trading to long term savings.


With sustainable innovations and a modern interpretation of banking services.


Our mission statement – what is our attitude?

As a leading direct bank for private investment, we liberate our clients from the restrictions of classical German banks.


We empower them to self-directed financial independence with all the support the client demands. Our know-how, our ability to innovate, the independence of our product offerings, and our unique passion are what drives us.


»Cortal Consors is the first address for self-directed investment.«

Our Business Goals

-       Financial Empowerment of Banking Customers

-       Transparency and Trustworthy Relationship with Customers

-       Innovation leader


The Lithium software builds the foundation for the three business goals described above.


Financial Empowerment:


Using the Tribal Knowledge Base we have the perfect platform for building and gathering trusted content.


The Forum offers real and up to date help for customers and place to discuss about financial markets. Since many long-term customers have gathered significant knowledge and experience in a wide array of banking topics the community allows us to tap this resource.


The Blog is another way for us to provide well-founded education to our banking clientele.


Transparency and Trustworthy Relationship:


Next to our presence in the forum and blog where we able to answer the questions of our customers we also provide the possibility to rate & review our products and services as one of the first banks in Europe.


This is a bold move for us since it puts great power in the hands of our customers. By allowing this open and public feedback from existing customers on our own platform we provide absolute transparency on our strength and weaknesses. The strong integration of our customer support in case of bad reviews allows us also to communicate, solve issues and build up a trustworthy relationshop. 


Our Business Results:


As it's only been 1 1/2 months, we are still undertaking the first steps. However, below you'll find some KPIs which already show significant improvement in comparison to our old “Knowledge” area. 


Cortal Consors graphic1.png


Most Creative Promotion or Launch (Video Entry):


The promotional video

-       Array of possibilities within the community (Community, Wiki, R&Rs,…)

-       The development of a newbie to successful investment

-       Social interaction


Together we know more – The new Cortal Consors Websection Knowledge


No matter if beginner or professional: The new Cortal Consors Websection Knowledge gives customers a voice. It provides a platform to communicate and supports its users to make the best financial decision. The new Websection Knowledge is supposed to address a wide target group. Every user should be able to help others with their expertise or can ask for help – there are no stupid questions.It´s important that users have fun to exchange their knowledge and that they are empowered to push their financial concerns further.


We want to convey all these contents in an easy, comprehendible and entertaining way. This is why we transport our message with moving images.


Our storytelling focuses on personal stories because its more emotional and less educational. The idea is to show by means of a personal success story how the Websection Knowledge works. Furthermore it boosts the attention and also the capacity for remembering.


The concept "Open Kitchen" is based on the idea that cooking brings people together: beginners learn from professionals, ideas are exchanged, like-minded persons get together, people support each other. We think: This is what the Websection Knowledge stands for and this is why we chose it to build the frame of our storyboard.


View our video here




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