Lithys 2014: DenizBank - Excellence in Customer Satisfaction

Lithys 2014: DenizBank - Excellence in Customer Satisfaction

Company: DenizBank  Denizbank logo.png

Entry submitted by: Ebru Urunga, Manager at Customer Satisfaction

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Lithy category: Excellence in Customer Satisfaction


DenizBank was founded in 1938 as a state-owned bank in order to provide funding for the developing Turkish maritime sector. Acquired by Zorlu Holding from the Privatization Administration as a banking license in early 1997, DenizBank was further acquired in October 2006 by Dexia, a leading financial group in Europe. Continuing its activities under Dexia umbrella for 6 years, DenizBank operates as from 28 September 2012 under the roof of Sberbank, the biggest and deepest-rooted bank in Russia. As of July 1st, 2013; consumer banking portfolio of Citi Turkey with more than 600 thousand customers and nearly 1400 employees were transferred to DenizBank.


The innovative and reformist strategy is our dominant qualification in the market. We are happy to rank the 5th largest private bank in Turkey according to consolidated asset size from a bank without branches, employees or customers, in only 17 years which is considered very short for our sector. We place our customers at the heart of all activities and work towards offering highest benefit to their lives in the quickest way under a single roof with the most advanced banking products in line with our financial supermarket understanding.


Integrating digital and mobile technologies to our products and services is among our priorities. We work towards creating, rather than following trends and place digital & mobile technologies at the very heart of our operations in order both to ease our business practices and render people’s lives more beautiful at Deniz. As a reflection of this vision, we brought in such an innovative project as Facebook Banking to the banking industry not only in Turkey, but throughout the world; realized a breakthrough by accepting credit applications through “Direct Message” at Twitter, one of the most widely used social network websites in the world. We actualized our unique “mobile wallet” application FastPay that enables everyone to make money transfer whether they are DenizBank clients or not. In short, we shaped our whole road map for our customers to benefit more conveniently from the gifts of the mobile and digital world.


In addition, we have been placed among the top 3 most praised banks in the sector by Capital Magazine, the prestigious publication of business world in Turkey. Alongside our innovative approach in Digital Banking; we have been placed among the top 3 most praised banks in the sector by Capital Magazine, the prestigious publication of business world in Turkey.


The rise of DenizBank having undersigned many success stories with its fast and accessible solutions, excellent service quality and unconditional customer satisfaction philosophy will continue under Sberbank roof from now on… Dozens of achievements that we have realized so far give us an indescribable excitement as the guarantee of the triumphs we shall accomplish in the future. In the new era, we will continue to move towards our target to be among the top players of Turkey. As our motto “Life is beautiful at Deniz” explains, we will carry on working to become the “bank at the hearts of people”.


Lithium helps companies unlock the passion of their customers. Lithium software powers amazing Social Customer Experiences for more than 400 iconic brands and supports companies grow brand advocacy, drive sales, reduce costs and accelerate innovation to create social communities that redefine the customer experience.


The new Lithium brings together trusted people and trusted content to create an exchange of shared value and a more complete measure of reputation. Most importantly – and what really fires us up – is that this acquisition helps Lithium put the power back into consumers’ hands in a real way that delivers real benefits to consumers as well as brands.


We know that corporations that tap into their socially empowered customers stand to gain advantage on their socially reluctant competitors in ways beyond just reducing customer support costs. They’ve realized that customer engagement means real, topline growth and that customers who actively engage with brands, products and services are not only loyal advocates, they also spend more. If a business wants to continue to succeed, she needs to innovate and grow and to do that you need to get serious about social.


There’s a growing realization that people don’t want to engage with website marketing copy. They’re seeking to engage their peers and learn from their real experiences. Because that’s what they trust—shared human stories relevant to their personal experiences.  And that is the ultimate moment of truth for brands seeking success with the new customer everyone needs to understand today: Generation C.


Social networking will carry us one step forward in Turkey as we have many social media users in our country. We as a bank knows that when we gain the trust of the customers and when we understand them, we will be the bank at the hearts of the people.


We care about our customers’  thoughts and ideas.  Our focus is excellence in client service and as a result of this we are the first Bank in Turkey who makes surveys thru Social Media. We listen the customers in every area and provide them solutions proactively. We are aware of the value of experienced staff and we built up a dedicated team for Social media service. They have also separate trainings by professional agencies about social media trends and way of behaving. With the help of Lithium features, they are more aware and flexible with the priorities.


Denizbank customer testmonials.png


Denizbank knows that, we should be more integrated with social media and provide the best service in that area, to be strong in the digitilization and mobilization age. With this awareness , we recognized the power and privileges of Lithium. We can manage what we can measure and Lithium provides this in very basic and feasible way. We can follow the real time queue backlogs and take necessary actions immediately. If the conversation is not related with us or is not in our scope, we can classify all of these and delete them in one shot by saving time of supervisor. So we can focus with the real claim or complaint of the customers.


Word of mouth is a very effective power and social media area holds this by impressing very huge crowds with no cost. This channel becomes a very important candidate which run rings around the other channels by delivering fast and best service wherever our customer or whenever he/she wants to reach us in a very easy way. We improved our quality by the support of Lithium and increased our satisfied customers’ numbers.


In our point of view, customer satisfaction is far beyond resolving complaints and we have increased our customer satisfaction by 22%.


As we are the 1st  ranking country in Twitter and 2nd ranking country in social media usage in the World, we have a significant number of customers who actively use social media. With the help of Lithium’s flexibility we can process 19% more conversations than before.


We started to manage all accounts in one program which provided a 24% increase in agent productivity.


Frequent templates have been defined into the system and supply a 30 second savings for each notice by making easier knowledge contribution. Decreasing unrelated conversations provides agents the ability to deal with the real customer claims and complaints, and this feature resulted in a 25% improvement in agent response time.


Previously one staff member was checking all conversations and then measuring and reporting the metrics manually. But with Lithium’s privileges, the monitoring became easier and we had a 53% FTE savings.


Supervision management and reporting has the ability of online monitoring and being alert in any capacity issues or crisis environment. Real time queue backlogs can be followed up easily. This provides us the ability to take the necessary action where and when necessary.

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