Lithys 2014: Fox Sports Australia - Most Creative Promotion or Launch

Lithys 2014: Fox Sports Australia - Most Creative Promotion or Launch

Company: Fox Sports Australia Fox Sports logo.png

Entry submitted by: Shae Marlow (ShaeM) Community Manager

Community: The Crowd (

Lithy category: Most Creative Promotion or Launch



FOX SPORTS is Australia’s leading producer of sports television coverage and is home to Australia's favourite subscription TV sports channels, as well as Australia's number one general sports website –


FOX SPORTS’ mission is to take fans closer to their favourite sports than ever before. We feed the passion of fans and give them access to sports, players and insights like they’ve never had - offering them an entertainment experience like no other, every day of the week.


Sport is incredibly tribal and controversial topics arise every day that people want to talk about. The vision was to offer the more passionate sports fans a seat at the table, to discuss the hottest topics with the best sports talent in the country.


The Crowd is a new FOX SPORTS community forum which offers fans and readers a place to offer their comments, thoughts and opinions on what is happening in sport at any time – the ultimate home of sports conversation in Australia.


The Crowd key outcomes:

  • Own share of voice of sports conversation in Australia
  • Build fan engagement by providing a platform for fans to interact with the best sports talent and key influencers in Australia
  • Monetise through third party advertising

FOX SPORTS Australia is the leader in delivering sports entertainment and so in order to bring a new and innovative digital product to life in a competitive market, it was important to align with Lithium.


Lithium provided a market-leading platform for FOX SPORTS to launch The Crowd with immediate community vibrancy and the most innovative user experience – a forum at the forefront of sports communities in Australia. The Crowd has been the most important digital product to come out of FOX SPORTS Australia in five years.


Lithum has enabled The Crowd to integrate existing FOX SPORTS digital and social strategies as a way to drive deeper engagement with fans, with immediate success.

Launching an engaging and interactive sports forum in Australia required igniting the passion and excitement from within FOX SPORTS fans and continuing the FOX SPORTS promise of delivering the best and most entertaining experience like no other.


The launch promotion worked in three key phases.



Objective: To raise curiosity of sports fans within an established and competitive environment.


Promotion included: A teaser TVC, version 1 of print, ad banners, social, guerilla marketing, eDM, key influencers and internal employees. 


Fox stage1.png



Objective: To raise awareness of The Crowd as the ultimate online destination for sports fans to continue their conversations.


Promotion included: Second more functional TVC, print, ad banners, social across facebook, twitter, google+ and youtube, FOX SPORTS talent, PR, eDM, key influencers and partner properties.


Fox stage2.png




Objective: To convert awareness into interaction, by adapting creative based upon key learnings and evolving integration across on-platform and off-platform executions.


Promotion included: Honing various executions to drive key metrics of posts and registration numbers, including social, eDM, guerrilla and specific digital media display advertisements targeting other forum users from across different Australian verticals. Most importantly, content from The Crowd began integrating across print and TV. 


Fox stage3.png

ALWAYS TALKING SPORT? JOIN THE CROWD speaks to genuine sports fans, letting them know they have a new home to engage with likeminded enthusiasts.  To build strong brand equity this was executed across different mediums to achieve high brand recall.

The integrated campaign launched with more than 14 different creative executions across more than 30 touch points, resulting in the most successful digital product launch for FOX SPORTS in the last five years. The immediate community vibrancy has exceeded all KPIs, including over 2000 posts in the first six weeks.


VIDEO: FOX SPORTS Australia launches The Crowd

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Good Stuff !! 


The integration is impressive into the TV shows let alone all the other channels.

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