Lithys 2014: Google Glass - Most Creative Promotion or Launch (I Am an Explorer video)

Lithys 2014: Google Glass - Most Creative Promotion or Launch (I Am an Explorer video)

Company: Google Glass Google Glass logo.png

Entry submitted by: Sarah Price (sarahprice) Social Media & Community Lead and Teresa Zazenski (tzazenski) Community Manager

Community: Glass Explorers Program (

Lithy category: Most Creative Promotion or Launch 


Entry for I Am an Explorer video:



The Glass Explorers Program started in April 2013. We made Glass available to bold, creative individuals from different walks of life to help shape the future of Glass. People don’t just buy Glass, they become a “Glass Explorer.” Through the Explorers Program, we seek to empower our customer community to introduce the world to Glass and share their feedback to make Glass better.


On April 10, 2014, we announced that we would be expanding the Explorer Program. For one day on April 15, any adult living in the US would be able to buy Glass and become an Explorer.


There are countless public fan communities for Glass, but our official community is hosted by Lithium, with private discussion areas restricted to Glass Explorers. This enables customers to have open and honest conversations about Glass and the Explorer Program. Our team uses our Lithium community to get direct feedback and input from our Explorers in many ways, including through a “Glass Wishlist” ideation board. We also use Lithium Social Web to monitor and engage with feedback and Explorer-created content across the web.


Our community of Explorers is the heart of our program, so for certain key Explorer Program milestones, we have invited our Explorers to share content with us that we used to create a community-driven launch video for our marketing efforts. These videos focus on the Explorers and show the world who makes up our community. They also show our Explorers how important they are to our team and to the program, especially in times of change: both milestones involved expansion of the Explorer Program. This makes the change a bit less scary and helps our veteran customers to welcome our new customers. We directly asked for new submissions in our community, and also used Lithium Social Web to identify additional Explorer content that fits into our theme.


Google Glass I am an explorer CTA.png


I Am an Explorer [Through Google Glass] announced a new expansion of the Explorer Program where any adult in the US could become an Explorer for a limited time. This video showcases the diversity of our Explorers and shows some of the things that real Explorers do.


We were very pleased with the engagement that resulted from the campaign, and the finished product reflected our values and the heart of the Explorer Program.


Please see our entry for Digital Strategy Leader for more on the Explorer Program.


Business results

  •       Video was released on April 10, 2014 and has 108k views as of April 24, 2014 (live for 2 weeks).
  •       While submissions were open, the campaign was the 2nd most viewed and replied discussion in the community and received the most kudos by a margin of 61%.
  •       We additionally received qualitative positive feedback from our Explorers about the campaigns





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