Lithys 2014: Telefonica - Digital Strategy Leader

Lithys 2014: Telefonica - Digital Strategy Leader

Company: Telefonica Telefonica.png

Entry submitted by: Emilio Rodriguez Menendez (UT04546) Community Manager

Community: Comunidad Movistar (

Lithy category: Digital Strategy Leader



Telefónica is one of the world leading integrated operators in the telecommunications sector, providing communication, information and entertainment solutions, with presence in Europe and Latin America. It operates in 24 countries. As of September 2013, Telefónica’s total number of customers amounted to 320.3 million.


Telefonica Spain’s 2014 goals focused on the following:

  • Reduce customer support telephone calls
  • Increase CSI in social environments
  • Increase commercial leads to homepage
  • Improve SEO positioning (especially for FTTH and 4G)
  • Improve the tone of the Internet buzz towards Movistar
  • Improve customer self-servicing 

Through our Lithium-powered community in 2013, we made significant improvements in SEO, traffic, and acquisition. We also achieved big wins in support savings (see our Support Savings MVP entry), in addition to CSI and CHI.


Community has positioned us as the SEO authority versus our competitors and local tech forums. (source: 


Telefonica SEO screenshot.png


We also rank highest amongst our competitors in metrics like best traffic and lowest bounce rate. (source: 


Telefonic traffic screenshot.png



18% of our homepage visits are generated by the community (source: alexa rank) 


Telefonica homepage screenshot.png



Some additional quantifiable results:

-       Due to our community, our SEO traffic reached over 80% (top SEO positions in key words such as FTTH and 4G)

-       Community is responsible for an increase in commercial leads: 20,000 click-throughs from community to homepage ( in 2013

-      Telefonica has added 2.2 million subscribers as of June 2013 with more than 3 million homes in Spain now equipped with Fusion, an integrated product offering that brings together broadband, mobile, landline, and television services all in 1 simple package. Not only did they see existing customers switch over to Fusion, but 56% of Fusion subscribers are newly acquired customers who took advantage of the wealth of information and peer advice on the community about the new product to help make their purchase decision. Web traffic referrals from the community to the purchase funnel increased by 20% during the 1st month of launch.




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