Lithys 2014: Vipnet - The Organization Game Changer

Lithys 2014: Vipnet - The Organization Game Changer

Company: Vipnet Vipnet logo.png

Entry submitted by: Hrvoje Puljko (puljac)Community (Forum) expert

Community: Vip forum (

Lithy category: The Organization Game Changer


Vipnet is the first private mobile network operator in Croatia, a part of the Telekom Austria Group. By entering the Croatian telecommunications market in 1998, Vipnet introduced competition into mobile telephony. Over the last 15 years Vipnet acquired the status of the most renowned innovation leader on the telecommunications market in Croatia.


Vipnet was the first in Europe to demonstrate the HSPA network, thus offering mobile Internet access that is faster than ADSL. Furthermore, Vipnet was among the first in the world to successfully test HSPA+ technology for mobile broadband. In June 2013 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb Vipnet set a new world record for the fixed segment with speeds of 5 Gbit/s using the hybrid fiber coaxial (HFC) network, and in the mobile segment presented speeds of up to 300 Mbit/s based on 4.5G – LTE Advanced technology. In September 2012 and again this year Vipnet was proclaimed winner in the Best value for money for business in the Business Best Buy Award. Vipnet currently has more than 2 million customers. 


Vip forum as a goal has multiscreen customer experience, to increase street credibility, and to be customers' first choice when searching for support information.



Vip forum also has a purpose to increase brand awareness and to be the place for engaging existing and future Vip customers.

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In just 4 months by reallocating right resources on Vip Forum project, together with support of Lithium partner, Vipnet managed to successfully launch the unique place (Vip forum) for online discussions about telecom technology, products and services in Croatia.


Reorganization was done by shifting a true gamer in the heart, from direct customer care phone/email support into responsibility of developing what was proved to become a self-maintaining and self-developing crowd source care center.


This was highly appreciated by forum members, because, one of their kind is managing the forum.


THE LAUNCH  (Video streaming conference)


In order to present Vip forum to a targeted audience, the launch of Vip forum was done via online press conference streamed directly on the Vip forum where journalists, as well as all new community members had a chance to ask questions (to our company MCO and Community Expert) directly on the forum and received answers in real-time.


With this innovative approach to launch presentation, Vipnet opened a new path for presenting all other new projects and products.


And of course, internally Vip Forum is supported by new line processes in company. We are especially proud of our process which is proving maturity of our organization and also is supported by our MCO – customers should test devices & services!




Aside from customers, the significance and importance of Vip forum has also been recognized by several major players in telco manufacturing industry, such as HTC and Nokia, who have chosen to be present as active users on the forum, providing direct support to its customers.


With this move our customers gain additional benefit, not only from Vip as a telecom company, but also from official mobile phone representatives which they use:


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Every question will get an answer quickly. A multitude of useful topics and information in one place. A great blend of amateur users and official support. Love it 🙂