Lithys 2015: Indosat - Most Creative Community Promotion or Launch

Lithys 2015: Indosat - Most Creative Community Promotion or Launch

Company: Indosat Indostat logo.jpg
Entry submitted by: Ghina Aliya (GhinaAliya) Community Manager, Forum ICITY

Community: Forum ICITY (

Lithy category: Most Creative Community Promotion or Launch


Indosat Tbk is a leading telecommunication and information service provider in Indonesia that provides cellular of prepaid services (Mentari and IM3) and postpaid services (Matrix), 3G services using HSDPA-technology, fixed data services including Multimedia, Internet & Data Communication Services (MIDI) and fixed voice (fixed telecommunication) services including IDD services and fixed wireless services. PT Indosat Tbk was established by the Indonesian Government on November 20, 1967 and now part of Ooreedoo Group (Formerly Qtel Group).


Our Community promotion goals


  • Strengthen Indosat commitment towards community as one of key differentiator within the services, on 2012 we became pioneer for telco customer support forum in Indonesia. We launched Forum ICITY (, The 1st crowdsolution forum which covers discussion around gadget and technology, Indosat services also community. With the help from Lithium platform, we were able to do crowdsourcing and involve our brand-enthusiast since the early stages. From specify a new name, enrich forum content to design the new community logo
  • ICITY has grown, on March 2015 we has gained more than 20.000 members, more than 115.000 postings, over than 9 million pageviews and 2.500 questions that have received a resolution or answer in the community. These valuable answers have received 2. 431.002 views resulting in direct deflections and support cost savings.
  • Indonesia is at the forefront of the social media revolution in Asia, yet it is an unique market. We need both, online and offline approach to generate community engagement. This is the reason why we need to setup a Word of Mouth Marketing Strategies and one of the effective way to do it is to have an iconic brand activation for promoting ICITY as well as Indosat Community.
  • We decide to have The 1st Community Festival in Indonesia, with United Souls as the theme on December 13, 2014. Located at Senayan-one of the most hip venue in Jakarta, Indonesia-. We classify interest into zoning. Community members were invited to explore 7 Zones in form of exhibition: Indosat Community, Gadget Communities, Creative Communities, Lifestyle Communities, Automotive Communities, Sport Communities and Enterpreneurs which participate for providing FnB. This event was free of charge for Indosat users while other may register as new subs to join.

Indostat chart 1.png

Our Community promotion strategy


Having passion and close relation with prominent community leaders also key influencers are the initial foundation. Then we run the dynamic duo, synergize between online and offline activities. We involve community representatives since the beginning, from deciding venue layout, what theme will be used, which community will be invited and what kind of activities that interest them the most. The promotion worked in 3 key phases:



Objective: To raise awareness of community members



  • Teaser through ICITY Forum as the main hub
  • Teaser through ICITY, Indosat and community social media channels/mailing list
  • Teaser through internal communication channel
  • Digital Placement


  • Promotion through radio quizzes & talkshow
  • Promotion through below the line channels
  • Small meetup with community leaders and key influencers



The Day

Objective: To convert awareness into action



  • Manage digital activation “coin collecting tweets” which convert tweets using hashtag #CommunityFestival2014 to donation for sent unprivileged kids back to school
  • Manage digital activation “live blogging” to encourage bloggers capture #CommunityFestival2014 fanfare
  • Manage digital activation “live posting” to encourage ICITY members reporting #CommunityFestival2014 excitement


  • Organize community-centric activities: record breaking attempt, community convoy, community battle, community market, we-fie photo competition
  • Invite press to join press conference and watch community performances, such as Duta IM3 (Indosat IM3 Ambassador), Indonesian Zombie Community and Jakarta Cosplayer.
  • Entertain music-fanbase community by presenting Indonesian well-known artist
  • Add interesting gimmick: from community wall of fame, gadget and official jersey auction, freebies to fun games
  • Promotion using radio report & below the line channels


Post Event

Objective: To maintain the word of mouth



  • Publish event report on ICITY
  • Amplify anykind of post related through social media/mailing list


  • Small meetup with community participants and handover donation


Results of our Community promotion


More than 100 communities join the event to expand their network, discuss further collaboration and enjoy togetherness with friends also other community members.


Indostat chart 2.png


We have gained 2655 original tweets using #CommunityFestival2014 hastag which convert into donation Rp 26.550.000 for supporting underprivilege kids back to school, collaborate with Coin A Chance Social Movement.


Indostat chart 3.png


We set a new Indonesian Book of Record (IBOR): Most scooter parked on mall rooftop (Sky Dining, Plaza Semanggi Jakarta).

Indostat chart 4.jpg

We have gained more than 62.000 views on posts related to Community Festival 2014 on ICITY Forum, 58 million impressions on social media and more coverage coming from blog posts also online media articles.


Our video entry:






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What you guys have done is AMAZING and incredibly inspiring - well done!